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Cell Phone Repair

See us for all your wireless repair service needs. From our fast and reliable cell phone repair service to our used phones and cell accessories, we guarantee that we’ve got the answer for your needs. We repair and refurbish wireless gadgets in Cell Phone Repair Center. We can repair ANY cell phone. Contact us right away, whether you’re dealing with a cracked iPhone screen or electronics water damage. Though we specialize in Apple product repairs, like fixing a broken iPad, we can also take care of Android devices and electronics from other companies. Our repairs include: - Water Damage – LCD Replacements – Cracked Screens-Port -Housing – Battery And More! We can also repair the damaged corners of your iPhone or iPad! Need a new phone line? We can sign you up - no contract, unlimited minutes, and internet.

We sell refurbished phones and may even trade. Get in touch with us at Cell Phone Repair Center to get the very best in wireless repair service in Falls Church, VA.

Ask us about our iPhone Apple logo light-up modifications!

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Email us at: cellphonerepair11@gmail.com

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